Main Bridge


Steel pipe sheet pipe (SPSP) foundation that has developed in Japan is used. SPSP is first adopted on foundation in south-east Asia.   





The pylon section is hexagonal at the bottom and changes to heptagonal shape at cross beam with inclination. This complicated shape of pylon requires high construction technology. As breakthrough to overcome this challenge, a self-climbing formwork and scaffolding are adopted. Additionally, reinforcement bars are pre-fabricated on ground and installed in as a rebar cage.  

 Self climb

Form work 1


Main Girder

Fist 5 blocks around each pylon are installed using supporting system. The balanced cantilever erection is used for rest of blocks. It offers saving support systems but requires complicated geometry control. IIS developed a system to perform geometry control for each of the construction stages, while predicting the geometry at completion. 

 SONY DSCCantilever main


Approach Bridge

Self-climbing formwork and direct support system from ground are adopted on pier construction. These 2 ways are used according to height of pier.                        

Pier Approach2Approach form work

Super-T girder is pre-fabricated on ground and erected by crane. Balanced cantilever erection with launching gantry crane is used for PC box girder erection.

 SuperT-1Cantilever PCbox